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Ms Office
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Ms Word
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Ms Excel
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Ms PowerPoint

Microsoft Office is a family of client software, server software, and services developed by Microsoft. At our Institute we provide practical Training in MS Office which includes

Microsoft Word: 
 1. Font group
2. Page setup, format painter, change case
3. Paragraph formatting
4. Page designing (Page color, Page Border, Watermark)
5. Style, Date & Time, Symbol, Comment, Hyperlink, Bookmark
6. Header, Footer, Page Number, Autocorrect options, Spelling & Grammar Check, Go to
7. Tables, Find & Replace
8. Macros, Insert Graphics & Multimedia (picture, SmartArt, Shapes, Screenshot, WordArt)
9. Mail Merge, Protect Document
10. Shortcut Keys
11. Assignment/ Project on Word

Microsoft Excel: 

1.     Overview (formula bar, cell name box, counting total rows & columns, wrap text, orientation, merge options, borders, go to option, moving around cells using ctrl + keys, insert row, column & sheets, rename & deleting sheet, working with basic operations in formulas)

2.     Working with rows & columns (insert & delete options, row height, column width, default width, hide & unhide), organizing worksheet (renaming sheet, tab color), format as table, cell styles (with calculations)

3.     Filling series, custom list (prefix & suffix & Edit custom list), name range
4.     Flash fill, conditional formatting, comment
5.     Cell referencing:- Relative, Absolute & Mixed Cell Reference
6.     Functions:- Sum, Product, Maximum, Minimum, Large, Small, Rank, Integer, Square Root, Round
7.     Logical Function:- IF & Nested if
8.     Statistical functions:- sumif, countif, count, counta, count blank
9.      Date & Time Functions:- day, month, year, date, hour, minute, second, time, weekday & text
10.     Data Validation
11.     Lookup functions:- Vlookup & Hlookup
12.     Financial Functions:- PMT, PV & FV
13.     Filter & charts, Remove Duplicates
14.     Pivot Chart, Subtotal
15.   Background, Text to columns, Sort, Consolidate
16.   Goal seek & Workbook Protection
17.   Shortcut Keys
18.   Projects/ Assignments on Excel

Microsoft PowerPoint: a presentation program used to create slideshows composed of text, graphics, and other objects, which can be displayed on-screen and shown by the presenter or printed out on transparencies or slides.
It includes:
1.     Overview (font group options) & Slide creation:- new slide, delete slide, hide/unhide, layouts, design tab, format background, slide size, transitions, slide play under transition tab)
2.     Animations, Animation pane, Sounds for single slide, adding more than one animation, record slide show, rehearse timing, Inserting video & music to slide.
3.     Insert photo album, exporting (PDF, Handouts, & Video), Changing file formats.
4.     Master slide, Protect Presentation
5.     Assignment/ Project on PowerPoint


We will also provide additional knowledge of

  • Hardware and Software
  • Internet and E-Mailing
  • Google Drive
  • Office Handling tools (Shareit, Anydesk, Teamviewer)

Basics of Computer:-

  1. Desktop background change, Taskbar properties, Desktop gadgets, Desktop icons settings, Screensaver, Window color
  2. Creating folder, rename, delete, permanent delete, folder icon customization
  3. Recycle Bin, Restore
  4. Folder properties (Hide & Unhide), hide & unhide without control panel option
  5. Zip files, .rar, Compressed folders
  6. Mouse & Keyboard Customization
  7. Shortcut Keys


  • Work on MS Word to perform tasks such as drafting letters and mail merge
  • Create, edit and manage data in Excel spreadsheets, perform Excel modelling and data minig.
  • Manage the computer and operate internet.